Sep 22, 2016

CIA: "Under Obama We Have Lost All Credibility with the World"

I had the pleasure this week of listening to a small group presentation by a Former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the CIA.  For obvious reasons I need to keep his/her name out of this post, however, some of his comments were enlightening.

Regarding President Obama's refusal to back his promise to act if Syria crossed his self-imposed "red-line" of using chemical weapons, this former intelligence officer said he/she received 40-50 calls from former peers in other countries with a consistent question of "what did you just do?"  Although our National Security team recommended taking action, President Obozo refused and critically damaged our standing around the world.

He/she took the conversation a step further by saying Obama's refusal to lead, or even participate, in protecting our global interests contributed to us losing "all of our credibility with our allies."

The bottom line is that under this President terrorism both around the globe and in the US has soared; our global standing has been damaged for both the short and long term; our allies are now seeking new alliances as we have abandoned them; and Russia has re-emerged as a global, imperialistic power.

I do recall BHO promising to "repair our standing" within the world community.  Guess that's another failed promise during a Presidency filled with failures.

Does that make you reconsider whether to vote for Hillary or not?

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