Sep 16, 2012

The Problem with Mainstream Media

I know this is supposed to be a blog about investing, but our mainstream media has allowed another travesty to go under reported because of their political bias, and I feel I need to comment.  The tragedy this week in Libya and the violence in other countries was obviously preplanned, condoned attacks arising from the United States' failure to lead.  How did this come about?  First, we have abdicated our role as the global leader pushing for democracy and capitalism against a rising tide of socialism and terrorism.  We have sat by while Iran has become the dominate power in the Middle East, soon to be armed with nuclear weapons.  We have abandoned our long time ally Israel, leaving them to twist in the wind while they face threats from all sides.

And now the press is jumping all over a little known video that has been circulating on You Tube for months, citing it for creating "flash riots".  The reality is that those riots were planned well in advance to occur on September 11th.  Flash rioters don't show up armed to the teeth, months after the supposed catalyst, and destroy an embassy and kill its inhabitants.  These riots were well planned, coordinated events that are attacks on our sovereign land. 

How could an attack like this occur on the anniversary of 9/11, and our President and his cabinet not be more attuned to what was happening? That's easy given the President has missed 67% of his security briefings this year, presumably while he was out campaigning to retain his post.  So while he was out campaigning, our embassies have sat without vital information about danger lurking all around them because the President was too busy to attend the briefings. 

With all this occurring, you would think the mainstream media would be all over this Administration, looking for answers.  Instead they are jumping on the challenger, wondering why he felt compelled to speak before he had all the facts.  Are you kidding me?  At least he was man enough to get out there and defend America, in spite of the fact he has never been given access to the security briefings, a customary accommodation given to the challenging party's nominee during a presidential election.   But rest assured, our fearless leader has "warned" our enemies that they "will be brought to justice." These warnings, and lack of any action, are the reason we have become an easy target around the world.  All bark and no bite. 

The role of the press in this country used to be to challenge, investigate, and help ensure that our leaders performed their duties, and they used to do it in an unbiased manner.  Today's mainstream media is so biased that their information and investigative role is worthless and untrustworthy. 

I say shame on this media.  Do your jobs, don't give us your opinions.  Leave the opinions to bloggers like me. 

Oh, in business news the Fed announced plans to buy mortgages and other securities in limitless quantities forever, but we'll discuss that in another note.

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  1. You want "bite"? What, troops in Libya, Egypt, etc., etc? Bush squandered troops in Iraq when they are now needed for Iran. The Soviets learned the lessons of Afghanistan. The Americans are, unfortunately, learning it again at the cost of life and limb of their youth. You cannot win without the hearts and souls of the locals. They do not want you there.